Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to DSI TV?

Browse your product options by clicking on the “subscription” tab – Then click the product options link to discover more about the subscription packages Once you have chosen your preferred product package simply add to cart to purchase your subscription and set up your DSI TV user account.

How do I cancel my DSI TV subscription?

If you wish at any time to cancel your subscription, simply follow these steps:
Login > Click "My Account" > Visit "My Subscription Profiles" tab > Click "View Subscription" > Click the Cancel Button.

I keep receiving a "Server Error" message when purchasing a subscription, how can I prevent it?

This could be due to an outdated subscription package being left in your cart. To resolve this, simply clear your cart and re-add the desired subscription package. If you're still unable to purchase after this, please contact our website support here.

I missed out on your "No Sign-On Fee" period, is there any way I can take advatage of this offer still?

Unfortunately the time frame for this offer has passed which means we are no longer able to make this a possiblity. However, we will be adding some great subscription offers in the future so stay tuned! We reccomend a yearly subscription package to get the best value for money on your DSI • TV subscription..

*Please note, if you signed up to DSI TV Prior to 26.05.2017 this will only cancel your access to view DSI TV. Your payment method i.e Direct Debit will need to be cancelled directly via your payment provider.